Arrested? Call Giambona.

You Deserve A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Getting into trouble with the law casts a heavy cloud over your life. You may be up nights worrying about the impact on your life – or, the opposite, you may be trying not to think about it at all in hopes that it will go away. Unfortunately, doing nothing won’t accomplish anything. The best way to handle the charges is to get an experienced defense attorney on your side as soon as possible.

Lawyer Sal Giambona in Fairfield can take on the charges so you don’t have to. He brings over 10 years of experience to the table. Having handled thousands of criminal cases for people from all walks of life, he has what it takes to stand up for you against the intimidating power of the criminal justice system.

Exceptionally Skilled In Plea Negotiations And In Court

Mr. Giambona has been recognized as a winning trial attorney in addition to being a highly skilled and experienced legal writer. Whether in a courtroom, writing briefs, or negotiating plea bargains, Mr. Giambona’s rich experience and knowledge provide his clients with effective and zealous representation. This in-depth proficiency and skill give him insight on how to best advise his clients in all aspects of the criminal process, including trials.

Mr. Giambona has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors, colleagues and, most importantly, his clients through skilled and effective representation.

Effective Representation Against Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses

You can count on attorney Giambona to fight for you against charges such as:

  • Violent and serious felonies
  • Drunk/intoxicated driving (DUI/DWI)
  • Firearms
  • Property crimes
  • Drug possession and drug sales
  • Human trafficking
  • Competency and mental health
  • Sex offenses
  • Restraining order violations
  • Juvenile cases

He brings the same dedicated, effective approach to all cases, whether misdemeanors, gross/aggravated misdemeanors or felony offenses.

Facing Domestic Violence/Battery Charges?

Domestic battery charges in California can be very serious. Even at the misdemeanor level, they can have a huge impact on your reputation, job prospects and ability to carry a firearm.

Mr. Giambona understands how to handle these charges and the sensitive issues they often bring up. He will work tirelessly as your advocate throughout the proceedings.

Arrested? Call Giambona.

The sooner you get him involved in your case, the better he can defend you. Get started today by calling Giambona Law Office, APC, at 707-244-1913 or sending him an email to request your free initial consultation.