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Facing A DUI Charge In Solano County Or Napa Metro?

For many people facing DUI charges, it’s their first encounter with the criminal justice system. Even if you’ve been through the process before, it can still be daunting, considering everything that’s at stake. A conviction for a DUI could cost you your driving privileges and a hefty sum of money. Depending on the severity of the charge, jail time could be a possibility.

Nobody should have to face DUI charges alone. At Giambona Law Office, APC, attorney Sal Giambona can fight for you. He has over a decade of experience helping thousands of people navigate criminal charges in California courts. Based in Fairfield, he represents those facing DUI charges across Solano County and Napa Metro.

What To Know About DUI Offenses In California

There are two important things to know:

  1. Don’t talk to the police or prosecutors without a lawyer of your own present. You can’t talk your way out of DUI charges – and, if you try to do so, it will likely end up backfiring and giving the prosecution more evidence to use against you. You have the constitutional right to remain silent. Use it.
  2. Don’t assume you have no grounds to challenge the charges. While it may seem tempting to just accept a plea deal and get it over with, there may be critical weaknesses in the state’s case against you that aren’t immediately apparent. Mr. Giambona can thoroughly evaluate your case to provide straightforward guidance on your options for a solid defense.

Alcohol- And Drug-Related DUI Defense

When most people think of DUI/DWI, they think of drunk driving. However, you can also face DUIs for driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana or even prescription medications.

Mr. Giambona handles all types of DUI cases, including cannabis/weed-related DUIs. He understands the intricacies of drug-related DUIs and how the evidence differs from those involving alcohol.

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