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Areas of Practice

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Criminal Law

Mr. Giambona is particularly recognized as a winning trial attorney in addition to being a highly skilled and experienced legal writer. Whether in a courtroom, writing briefs, or negotiating plea-bargains, Mr. Giambona’s rich experience and intelligence provides his clients with effective and zealous representation. Mr. Giambona has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors, colleagues, and most importantly, his clients through skilled and effective representation. Mr. Giambona’s experience and skill give him the insight on how to best advise his clients in all aspects of the criminal process.

  • Violent and Serious Felonies
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vehicle Code Violations 
  • Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.)
  • Firearms 
  • Property crimes
  • Drug Possession and Drug Sales 
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Competency and Mental Health 
  • Sex Offenses
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Assault and Battery 
  • Enhancements and Felony Sentencing 
  • Humphrey Bail Motions
  • Speedy Trial Motions
  • Motions to Suppress Evidence
  • Probation, Post Release Community Supervision and Parole Violations
  • Prop. 47 Petitions
  • Modifications of Probation and Expungements
  • Immigration Consequences
  • Prop. 64 Petitions 
  • Habeas Corpus