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Skilled Advocacy In Trial Work And Motion Practice

Trial work is a core component of criminal defense. While not every case goes to trial, pretrial motions play a big role in shaping the case and laying the groundwork for a strong plea bargain. In cases that do go to trial, preparing thoroughly from the outset is essential for making a strong case.

Lawyer Sal Giambona at Giambona Law Office, APC is known for his effective advocacy in criminal trial work and motion practice. For nearly a decade, he has fought for people facing all kinds of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to felonies. His carefully honed skills in legal writing and oral arguments contribute to his success – and that of his clients.

Based in Fairfield, attorney Giambona is intimately familiar with the procedural nuances of California courts in Solano County and Napa. He has helped thousands of people over the course of his career thus far. He can put that experience and knowledge to work for you, too.

Trial, Pretrial And Post-Conviction Proceedings

Mr. Giambona handles all aspects of criminal trial work as well as pretrial and postconviction proceedings. You can rely on him for help with:

  • Enhancements and felony sentencing
  • Humphrey bail motions
  • Speedy trial motions
  • Motions to suppress evidence
  • Probation, post-release community supervision and parole violations
  • Proposition 47 petitions
  • Modifications of probation and expungements
  • Proposition 64 petitions
  • Habeas corpus petitions

He handles the full spectrum of criminal charges, from violent crimes and felony offenses to DUIs (first-time and repeat), sex offenses and juvenile charges.

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